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TVR - The Story of The Most Cursed Car Company | Up To Speed
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TVR Workshop - various cars in progress
Various TVRs in various states of repair, rework and issue resolving.

Driven, Porsche v TVR pt1 26-09-2002
Driven Porsche Boxter S vs TVR Tamora. Pt1. includes the audience reviews of the 'then new' TVR Tamora & the Porsche BoxterS This was recorded on 26th ...

TVR Car Club Pre-1980s Extravangaza
The 2017 TVR Car Club Extravaganza ( or should that be ExTrevorGanza ?) was held at the wonderful Donnington Motor Museum. The event was organised ...

VIXEN GT / There's only one / PATINA
Select the CC button for subtitles! During the roaring 60s when man landed on the moon, the cold war and music from The Beatles and Rolling Stones played on ...